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Are you in search of a way to skip all the countless hours on daily grinding it out in boring games against bots and normals just to reach level 30 on another account or maybe your main one? Want to start fresh on ranked games in Europe Nordic East and climb up the ELO ladder properly this time? Look no further friend, as we have prepared the perfect choice for you.

What you’re looking at on this page is one of our biggest account packages on EUNE, which comes carrying around an unranked League of Legends smurf account, equipped with 40.000 Blue Essences which should help you in acquiring some of the favorite champions to ride along with while conquering the competitive scene. It’s also already leveled up to 30, which means you have all the requirements met in starting out on a clean slate into the new season.

Europe Nordic East is a very populated and challenging region, where a lot of streamers and skilled players took refuge and started wreaking havoc. Your smurf account will have no problem in getting by just nicely and finding some good companions to clash away on that ELO ranking.

Leveling to 30 by yourself on another account can bring about a lot of headaches and it’s very time-dependent. Based on some statistics found online, it can take you around 200 matches to get there, while having no experience boosts enabled. Not all those matches will go well, as some tend to go bad due to the mostly unfair matchmaking that exists in League of Legends. There are high chances you will be paired with people who just started playing the game, or trolls that go about ruining your day, which can greatly impact your speed.

Whether you want to test out some new strategies, try out some champions you’ve always been curious about, or mix up some builds and see if they are to your liking, you’re bound to need a lot of practice done. That can ruin the reputation and ELO of your main account, which is why it’s greatly recommended by a lot of people online to have a backup account ready, just in case things like these happen.

You don’t really want to go through the hassle of grinding it all on your own, right? It’s theoretically more beneficial to throw some dollars at your monitor (not literally) and get your hands on a brand new unranked smurf ready to jump into the action. No need to spend days and weeks getting your clean slate when you can have it in just minutes.

So, now that you’ve already made the first step by coming here and reading all the positive sides on this, what are you waiting for? That account is right here in LolFinity, waiting for you to become its new owner. Once you get it out of our hands it’s yours, forever.

It’s about time Europe Nordic East got some worthy opponents to clash on the competitive battlegrounds. The region is in dire need of new summoners ready to fight for the ranking they deserve. It’s your time to shine, champion.