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If you’re on this page and you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking of other ways to get a second account up and ready for the ranked season and have something to practice on. You must have noticed already how time-dependent the leveling process can be in League of Legends. Worry not, however, as we have the perfect solution in place for you.

What we’re offering you is an unranked smurf account on the North America region that carries quite a lot of weight on it. It will have 25+ champion capsules which should fill up that gambling desire each one of us has at various levels. Opening them up will give you a chance to receive up to 4 champion shards, and that’s per capsule! In case you get unlucky, however, there’s also a stash of 16.000+ Blue Essences waiting, which will be perfect on acquiring some of your most favorite champions.

Going through the leveling process again on your own will probably make you want to throw some stuff around as it can give a lot of headaches. Aside from the fact that it can take quite a considerably long amount of time, it will also be filled with newbie players in the lower level bracket as the matchmaking favors such placements. Getting past the requirements to get access to ranked games won’t be a piece of cake either on your own since there are players who haven’t managed to get to that number even after reaching Level 40.

But is it worth it in the end? Having a second account with LolFinity? We and numerous players all around the world respond to that question with a big YES!

Ever wanted to try out some new champions or perhaps venture out into the jungle, play as a support, try a role that you were always curious about? We all did, but that brought up some worrying as it could cause some damage to the ELO and overall reputation of the main account. This is just one of the reasons why a backup smurf account would be ideal for everyone. It not only gives you the chance to improve your skill in the game, but it can also give you a huge boost of confidence to try out and experiment out of the comfort zone.

Another big reason why a lot of people enjoy having a smurf account is that it offers them a new chance to rank high on the ladder. We all had this happen to us at least once, where our ELO went down the drain due to some unfortunate circumstances. You can’t really be prepared for that as it can happen even to the very best.

Well, now that you know the benefits and why it would not really be worth it to just grind it out on your own, it’s time for you to decide. Will you take the long road and to the leveling part on your own? Or will you let us throw in a helping hand and get you back in the game in a matter of minutes?

It’s time to earn your rightful place, summoner.