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The competitive League of Legends ranked scene is full of skilled players, ready to make the right decisions that will ensure the win their team deserves. But even if the competition is fierce, this doesn’t mean there is no space for new rising bright and experienced players to claim the high ranks. The rank is always there for you to climb and claim.

This is why the majority of the pro players recommend to not jump into rankings right away with your main account. If you do decide to jump in with your main account because you are eager to simply just start, this can ruin your MMR if for some reason your team does not win. This can happen for many reasons, from the wrong build to the wrong champion combination and to even the algorithm that can sometimes be unfair and pair you with the wrong and inexperienced team members.

But don’t worry, LolFinity is here to provide you with the best-unranked smurf League of Legends account on the North America region. The account comes with several perks, such as fresh MMR, unconfirmed email address, 35+ champion capsules that will provide you enough champion shards for all your needs and as well up to 22K Blue Essences.

To start using your brand-new account is easy, all you have to do is to claim your account information right after the purchase and verify your email address to make sure your account is there to remain yours and only yours.

Before you decide however to purchase the account, take a moment to think about all the grind that will skip, grind that will have to go through if you create a new account and start again from level 1. That means you will have to go through long and boring hours, maybe even months to reach the 200+ matches your need to level up the account to level 30.

That means you will have to play 200+ matches against bots or low-level players that probably started the game for only a few hours. Such a grind will provide you with no valuable experience since the experience of the ranked players you will encounter will be much higher than those that are still low level. You can shorten this grind by purchasing different or multiple boosts that are in the in-game shop, but even with them, you will still need to do on average around 70+ normal matches or matches against bots.

It’s a long grind that can be skipped by using this account on the North America region, offered by our service. With enough capsules and Blue Essences, you will be able to start learning strategies and test new builds right away, providing you with the experience you actually need to climb the ranked ladder.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your account, change your email and secure it, purchase your desired champions and just get practicing and get a name for yourself in the competitive League of Legends ranked scene.