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What Does LolFinity Offer?

The whole idea of getting yourself an unranked League of Legends smurf account from us is to simply skip the grind that comes with leveling and acquiring all the champions needed to play ranked again on a fresh start. It can feel quite liberating to know that you could have been spending precious time leveling all the way to 30, thinking of ways to acquire the 20 champions needed to play ranked faster when instead, you’re back in the game, ready to queue, all in a matter of minutes.

By acquiring any unranked League of Legends smurf account from us you will receive a personalized package that contains everything you may need to progress straight to the ranked queue window and start your journey again, on a clean slate.

Your new account will be delivered instantly in your dashboard after the payment’s been processed (and that usually is fast, depending on your payment method). After delivery, you’re free to change the password and the unverified e-mail address that it comes with, ensuring maximum security so that no one will ever get it back from you. After that’s done, you can log in to your new smurf bad boy and start your new adventure.

We have several League of Legends smurf accounts packages, here’s a little overview of the account types that we have to offer you:

You can choose the region you want your account in. We offer a very large variety of accounts on almost every server and each comes with its own set of benefits. Want to play on your own home region? Sure, we got that covered for you. Or perhaps you want to try being competitive beyond the shores of your homeland and tackle the people on the other side of the globe. We can give you that as well. The choice, is yours.

Some of our most attractive unranked smurfs are the ones that come with different amounts of Blue Essences. Based on the region you desire, you can get accounts that range from 20.000+ Blue Essences to 100.000 Blue Essences. These packages offer you the ability to choose exactly which champions you want to acquire and build your very own arsenal of fearsome combatants.

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Another great and popular choice are the champion capsule account packages which give you that thrill that comes with gambling usually as you can purchase accounts that contain from 25 to 50 capsules and each of these can give you up to 4 champion shards. Of course, you have to take in account that while this sounds great, it is still a very chance-based option. You can either get 100 champion shards from 25 capsules or as little as 20.

No need to worry however as all these capsules packages also come packed with at least 16.000 Blue Essences which should provide you with a backup, in case the drops are not exactly what you hoped for. On each of our account details pages we have a small section with a guide on how to acquire 20 champions with exactly 15390 Blue Essences so you’re set either way to start fresh on the ranked games.

Now, let’s not forget about the last type we offer. In our store, you can also find smurf accounts that already have at least 20 champions owned and still have at least 15.000 Blue Essences stacked in their inventory. This will also be an even quicker way of jumping straight into the competitive scene as you only need to just log in, and queue. Keep in mind however that these accounts may contain champions that you have never played with or are not accustomed to.

What about the name however? You must be curious how your new smurf warrior will be called out on the battlefield. Well, this is another thing you will love to hear. We always carefully choose each and every name we give our accounts. That means that if you purchase one of ours smurfs, you will get in the game with something along the lines of “Xantreopeia” or “Andurielan” which are the type of names that leave an impression. They’re unique and carry out a meaning. You will never have to fear going in as the RandoMLegend445.

If you’re also wondering if there are any skins on your account, we have to let you know that our regular accounts which are strictly based on getting you quick into the ranking scene will not have any skins available. However, some of our very Special Accounts, may do. To get an exact idea of what you are purchasing, every type of currency, champion or skin that you will receive will be mentioned in the product page.

Another thing to know is that you can either buy an unranked LOL smurf account which has no activity whatsoever in the current season and you’re free to start your own journey or, you can purchase one that already has been ranked in the Division you desire, so you can start playing on the difficulty you want.

Related to the ranking system, you also need to know how MMR works. If you desire to play with your unranked friends and have already played some ranked matches before, there is a Match Making Rating system at place, which would pair you with people who have the highest MMR closest to you and that can affect your win rate. The same goes vice versa. It’s a well known system that can be found in many online competitive games.

It is also good to note that our accounts do not contain any RP. The term comes from Riot Points, which is a currency that can be bought with real money and can offer you the ability to acquire skins and bonuses to help you level. Adding such a currency to our accounts would immediately raise their price as well, and in the end, it’s something that’s not beneficial for either sides. Unfortunately, there is no way to acquire RP for free.

Ever since the idea of a smurf unranked account came by, the benefits started piling up, as people often saw this idea to fruition by using them for different reasons to improve their skill and play style in online competitive games.

The ways a second smurf account can help you out vary from being able to try new things without consequences, to simply having another shot at going straight up the ranked games ladder.

Practicing can be very important in every online game, but in MOBAs such as League of Legends, it’s a very crucial thing to do, as there’s always new things to learn about. By having a second smurf account, you are free to practice new champions, try out roles you’ve never played with or combine builds and items to see what can further amplify your skill level and fortify you play style. You can do all of this without having to fear losing ELO on your main account or ruining its reputation.

Another great reason, like mentioned, is to be able to try ranking up again in the competitive scene, this time stronger. It unfortunately happens way too often to ruin our ranking due to either going in unprepared, or simply because unfortunate accidents just happen.

Either way, the benefits are many and the time it takes to grow one yourself is staggering to the mind and body. It is a lot more time efficient and beneficial to let us do that work for you, and provide you with the highest quality accounts on the market for a price that’s hardly combatable.

The choice is yours to make summoner, don’t keep the rift waiting.

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What is a League of Legends Smurf Account?

One of the most straightforward terms to understand this type of Gaming Account is known for is the other alternatives you have instead of your accustomed main Account. In other words, if you have multiple usernames and passwords in the same place, well, you already have some useful Smurfs to take some advantages. In League of Legends, sometimes, it is mandatory to have more than one Account in your repertoire, mostly it is needed for fun purposes.

In other online games (mostly the Massive Multiplayer Online Genre), Smurfs are commonly well-known from the gaming community as another less-essential character from your Account. Since, usually, on those types of games, you have the option to create more than one Hero or Champion, to start from scratch with different settings or attributes. Indeed, you can either play as a mighty warrior at first and change for an enchanting wizard afterward. Each of those characters also come with different names and appearances.

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Now when it comes to the League of Legends terms, you’ll need some other options after a while. For example, once you have a lot of experience in the game, unlock too much stuff in your collection, or have a higher place in the ranking system. Either way, you’ll probably see this option more appealing to you as time goes by. Most importantly, once you have another lol Smurf Account, you’ll surely obtain more ways to have fun in League with different types of Account characteristics and difficulties.

Furthermore, since between Accounts, you’ll probably have different types of nicknames, you have the option to “disguise” yourself from the rest of the gaming community. Therefore, if you’re a professional or a famous streamer, you can enjoy the game in your free time without too many repercussions. As a result, you have the opportunity to be “somebody else” and have no worries about your performance in any random match.

Occasionally you’ll require a Smurf Account to play with your (low tier) friends or girlfriend. Since they’ll probably have less experience in the game and contain lower ranks, you’ll require to move at their same position (Rank). Thanks to the aid of the multiple Accounts, you can easily play with different people, have a great time playing random matches or ranking, and go back to your main account afterward.

Most noteworthy, you’ll get the chance to play with different Champions from the vast roster of League of Legends. Once you buy lol account, you have better opportunities to unlock different options in your collection and play in a possible different unaccustomed way. Remember that the RNG (Random Number Generator), which is in charge of the in-game Capsules, will surely give you additional options when you open those containers.

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Why do You Need to Buy a LoL Smurf Account?

There are many positive outcomes when you buy league of legends accounts with your preferred options. Overall the main focus if for you to keep the “fun vibe” in the game and give you exciting opportunities when you press the “Solo Queue” button. Remember that even though we keep playing in the same map (Summoner’s Rift), we always find other ways to discover something new and exciting in this neverending journey from every game of the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre.

First of all, when you buy league accounts, you have more chances to experience the game at your own pace. Indeed, with each option you’ll get, the different the story it will be. As a result, you have more control over the type of players and the difficulty you want to practice in a random match.

One of the main reasons to buy league of legends accounts is to have better chances to experience the Ranking ladder. Therefore, if you’re in the higher places of the ladder, you have the opportunity to change the difficulty by playing in another account with a lower ranking position. With this freedom in hand, you have the option to play with a lot less stress as you clash with less experienced players and care less if you lose some points at the end of the match.

Another plus that you’ll have when you buy lol accounts is the possibility to focus on different roles of the game. Therefore, if your main account had Champions from different positions, you can easily change the perspective with a Smurf Account in hand. As a result, with the new Blue Essence, you have the opportunity to unlock those characters that have the same role. Making that particular account focused only on the role that you want to practice.

Additionally, if you like to complete a quest and earn rewards when you buy league accounts, you have the opportunity to do them as much as you like. As a result, every time an event is active (which is too often in LoL), there are surely different quests that can give you advantages in unlocking more Champions or fantastic customizing options. Indeed, with more Smurf accounts on your possession, the more chances you’ll get to acquire stuff for you to try and unlock.

Last but not least, you’ll need different options to play with all of your friends that surely do not have the same gaming sessions or experience as you do. When you buy league of legends accounts, you have the opportunity to play with friends in the lower ranks and have wonderful times as you create a party of five and queue for the best.

Why is LoLFinity your Best Option?

To fulfill all of your Smurfing Account needs, we as a website can give you additional advantages that you’ll probably won’t get anywhere else. One of our primary goals is to keep our clients happy and let them continue enjoying the game they love for further years to come. With that focus in mind, we aim to keep our clients pleased with the quality of our Smurf Accounts.

To achieve this task, one of the main achievements in LoLFinity is the current security we have from the start. Therefore, the moment you choose the perfect Smurf Account for you, there’s no need to worry afterward. All of your information becomes secure, and you can easily access it in the future if you want to continue with our services.

Furthermore, we also have many options to conclude the transactions with your favorite paying method. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the difficulties for payment discrepancies; relax and enjoy having a fresh start with your Smurf Accounts.

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In LoLFinity, you have better options to keep your Smurf Accounts secure and in the same place with your account in hand. As a result, when you have multiple Smurfs, you have the opportunity to keep them in track through your website account without too much hassle. With such a fantastic tool, you’ll never forget how many Smurfs Accounts you have for League of Legends on our website.

Additionally, if you have any questions or suggestions for any transaction or any part of our website, you can easily access our support team for aid. Without further complications, we only require that you submit a question, and our professional staff will surely give you the proper answer for your inquiries.

Most noteworthy, you have the chance to gain more knowledge of the game itself with the exciting blogs on our website. Indeed, with that kind of information, you’ll learn more vital data to improve your gameplay and increase your performance in the ranking ladder.

Thanks to all of these advantages from our website, we already earned one of the highest ratings for Smuft Accounts over the Internet. Therefore, if you want to experience our services, you’ll surely find upsides when you use our services. Remember, though, that we keep our support for future inquiries that you may have after the transaction is complete, and you already have your Smurf Account running in the game.

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Different Benefits from LolFinity Smurf Accounts

At the moment, many suitable options differentiate the multiple accounts that we currently have in LoLFinity for you to unlock. Therefore, you’ll have many ways to enjoy the perfect Smurf for you and continue your journey within the game. As a result, read carefully and pick what you feel is the best suit for your needs.

First of all, check the region of the account and pick the rightful from your current location. LolFinity has many available options when you buy League of Legends Accounts from the entire glove. As a result, every player has the opportunity to unlock one of these compelling Smurf Accounts.

Furthermore, when you buy lol accounts in LoLFinity, you have the freedom to pick different quantities of Blue Essense or Capsules within its inventory. Indeed, you can either unlock the Champions that you want for that particular account or try your luck and check what you can get within those Capsules.

Additionally, each of these accounts already has achieved level 30, which means that you have fewer requirements to start the Ranking Calibration and play competitively as soon as possible. Therefore, you have more chances to experience the Solo Queue as you progress with your Accounts without wasting weeks to obtain all the requirements.

Last but not least, the additional set-up needed when you acquire your account is always smooth and without complications. When this process is taken care of, you can easily click the “Solo Queue” button and restart your journey within League of Legends game.

Our main goal is that every customer feels satisfied with their purchase, which in return, they’ll find more ways to enjoy their beloved game for more years to come. With the fewer complications of acquiring new accounts and the positive benefits, you’ll surely understand why we aim for the best over the Internet.

Smurf Accounts Lifetime Warranty

Here are some additional bonuses that you’ll surely get when you pick our website to buy lol accounts:

·       Instant 24/7 Delivery: It doesn’t matter the region of the time you want to start your new journey when you Buy LoL Accounts on our website. Due to our constant quick delivery, you’ll surely have the chance to begin again whenever you feel like starting from scratch.

·         Lifetime Warranty: Keep your focus on gaming instead of possible troubles from your new Smurf Accounts. When you buy league of legends accounts on our website, you’ll surely have constant support afterward.

·         Account Quality: Remember that once you pick the right Smurf Account for you, it will inevitably contain the benefits that you like as you load it in the game. Furthermore, all of these options will surely work without too many complications that require too much set-up.

·         Customer Safety: We always make sure that all of the critical information from our clients stays in a secure encrypted part of our servers. Therefore, your accounts on the website will always be there, and only you have the methods to access their contents.

·         Professional Support: Our team is always ready to solve any questions that you may have for any transactions or different issues related to our services on the website. As a result, you can easily submit your Ticket, followed by your answer shortly after.

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