Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a LoL Smurf?

There are lots of options to consider when you’re trying to buy these Smurf accounts in our shop. Do not worry, though; follow these simple steps. First, click on *Here* (lolfinity.com) to see the shop catalog with tons of different Smurf accounts. When the website becomes ready on your preferred web browser, click on the desired region. The region can be the same place as your leading League of Legends account is, or you can try a different one. After the choice is complete, you’ll see another web site with the various Unranked Smurfs available for you to purchase.

After you review all those essential parts of the account and you finally found the right Smurf account for you. You’re now just a few clicks away to make it yours forever. Add the “product” to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout (or go back to the shop if you want more). In the checkout page, you’ll have three ways to pay for the Smurf account(s). You can either use Paypal, G2A Pay, or Bitcoins. It’s recommendable that you create one LolFinity account for you to get vital information for different purchases. Once you got everything sorted out, you’ll receive an email with the login information of the Smurf account, try it out and start gaming!

  • Ideally, the League of Legends account is always 30. With that level, you can quickly unlock the Ranked Mode and continue your dominance in the game. Now that raising the experience of one account has become less tedious, you can reach 50 in no time.
  • Depending on the Smurf account, you can pick whatever you like. For example, if you already want random Champion unlocked and ready to play, you have the option. Or if you're going to try your luck, there’s also the option to buy one lol account with some capsules for you to unlock. Last but not least, you also have the opportunity of getting an Account with Blue Essence and get what you want from the official shop.
  • You have a different option in this particular matter when you buy a new Smurf account. You either get one that has no rank whatsoever and ready to calibrate, or you can get a lol smurf that already contains the desired difficulty (Division)( for you to enjoy.
  • This part helps you corroborate what Region you want for your Smurf account to have. Remember, you have the option to continue in the same part of the globe or experience something different in another Region.
  • Sometimes, we get creative and pick unusual Smurf names for you to enjoy. Without too much effort, you have the option to become a well know player and get phrasings with that “Great Summoner’s Name.”
  • When you get one new Smurf account, it is best that you check that the email is unverified. This element is crucial because you’ll later need to set up this part to make the lol account yours. When it's verified, you’ll always get a lot of trouble when you’re trying to log online in the League of Legends client.

All about League of Legends

At the moment, you only need 20 Champions unlocked in your collection. Furthermore, you also need to have a level 30 account for you to gain access to the Ranked features. As a result, if you’re new to LoL, you may have to play for around two weeks to be able to play the big leagues. Therefore, to release this “burden” from you, buying an Unranked Smurf can save you quite the time.

A Smurf in any Online video game (even on League of Legends), means an additional LoL account linked to the same person. Therefore, any other “log-in” that you have for a particular game is considered a Smurf. In other words, you can only have one main account; but an unlimited amount of “Smurfs” for you to enjoy.

Currently, there are 144 Champions available on the League of Legends roster. Every single “item” in the collection has different attributes, abilities, properties, and gameplay. Therefore, as a new player in this particular game, learning all the different skills can be practically overwhelming, still, though, everything can be done with time. Have patience and continue practicing.

There are five well-known roles that players usually follow. These roles are known as:

  • The Player that usually starts weak, but as the game progresses, it has the opportunity to increase the performance and lead the team to victory.
  • Usually the player that wants to take control of the game “sits” here. From this role, it needs that you keep the attention of all your surrounding and act accordingly.
  • If you’re one of those players that like lots of conflicts, this role is ideal for you. At the start of any match, you only need to kill monsters around the map and hunt for unaware adversaries.
  • If you like to have a “private” lane between an enemy and you, this is the best spot that you can take. Therefore, you only need to focus on destroying the enemy’s tower as soon as possible and join your team later on.
  • Probably the “easiest” role, but not so appealing to the general audiences. Regularly you need to “babysit” your carry from the beginning of the game until they can “stand by their own feet.”

The main difference focusses on the stats that these champions have and the effectiveness of their abilities. Therefore, an AD carry gameplay tends to have more “right-clicks” to deal as much damage as possible. In contrast, the AP carry relies on their different abilities to lower the opponent’s health and keep them under control. As a result, the AD carry concentrates in buying items that give them critical damage and attack speed; while the AP carry needs items that amplify their abilities damage and reduces the cooldown.

These are additional abilities that can give you some advantages in any random match. Usually, you can equip two spells that have various effects for your champion to use. As a result, they have the chance to hurt your enemy with fire or give you some unusual movement to avoid any possible Ganks.

At the moment, you have all the runes available in the game for free. Therefore you only have the potential of your imagination to combine the perfect combination that can extend your champion’s performance. Most noteworthy, you have a limited amount of Rune Pages to work in your account.

At the moment you can either buy a single page or a bundle of 7 pages in the League of Legends Shop. Above all, the maximum number of pages that you can have in an account is no more than twenty. As a result, you have lots of opportunities to create different combinations for your Champion’s collection.

The word “META” in any MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arean) means the rightful combination in the current path that contains the highest winning rate. Therefore, professionals and casuals alike tend to check the best current champions and build to increase their winning chances in every random match. As a result, there’s constant picking/banning of specific options from a prolonged period; until a new patch arrives and changes everything.

Different methods can give you an advantage in leveling your account:

  • The best way to gain lots of experience is by winning some games. Therefore if you have some good friends to play with, the chances may go higher.
  • Every day, you have the option of earning additional experience just by winning one game per day.
  • Additionally, you have to option of earning extra experience by buying these boosts from the official League of Legends Online Store.

After you win a match, you’ll see a random number appearing somewhere in your screen that gives you the chance of upgrading your League of Legends account level. Therefore, with this feature, you have the option of getting some rewards depending on the number that represents your total level. As a result, the higher the number becomes, the better the rewards you’ll get.

It depends on what type of “XP Boosts” you’ve bought. Some give you additional experience, depending on how many wins you’ll get. Others last for an entire day or more. Therefore if you have some free time to spend on League of Legends, it’s advisable that you get the XP Boosts that lasts the entire day.

It depends on the final result of the match and the performance you had on that particular game. Therefore, if you win the game and you had a couple of kills or better assistance for your team; the better experience you’ll get after the set is complete and the scoreboard appears. Additionally, if you have XP Boosts, the experience will be affected as well for the better.

At the moment, you have the option to gather “Riot Points,” “Orange Essence,” and “Blue Essence.” To earn Riot Points, you need to exchange real money for them. Consequently, the orange essence requires some “disenchanting” of skin shards. Last but not least, Blue essence currency can be obtained through “level-up” capsules or by disenchanting champion shards.

“Real Money” is required for this particular currency. The required amount correlates with how much you want to spend on this specific currency for League of Legends. Most noteworthy, you’ll have lots of options to use the Riot Points through the Online Store. DON’T and I repeat, don’t ever trust any site that claims to hand over free Riot Points if you simply give them your login credentials. All those sites are basically scams and you should under no circumstance trust them.

There are different ways to earn this currency through gameplay. First of all, you can make some of this essence by unlocking chests or “level-up” capsules. Additionally, you have the option to disenchant Champion Shards. Last but not least, there are some rewards from this currency in different quests from some events throughout the year.

You can play casual matches with the “Free Champion Rotation,” without any restrictions. Additionally, if you want to try for the “big” leagues, you’ll need at least twenty champions in your collection to unlock Ranked Matches. Therefore, the more champions you have in your account, the better chances of winning you’ll have.

Directly you can’t. But if there can be a way around. First of all, you need to exchange Riot Points for real money. Afterward, you have the option to buy as many Hextech Chests (with keys if required) that contain random amounts of Blue Essence.

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