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One lucky winner will be given a FREE 25 Champion Capsules OR a 30.000 Blue Essence Account on a server of your choice (if we offer it)!


Not got enough money to buy a League of Legends account? Or just feeling lucky? Whatever the reason, our free League of Legends Smurf Account competition is perfect for everyone. To enter simply complete one or more of the tasks on the left, and cross your fingers, it’s as easy as that. We'll draw one lucky winner each Sunday.

We'll announce the Winner every Sunday through our social media channels. So make sure you are following us there, so you don't miss out if you won!

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To have the best chance of winning one of our giveaways, simply enter our giveaway as many times as possible! Each entry will give you at least one point and more points increases your chance to win. Remember that some entries can be repeated every day to give you the best possible chance of winning!

The winner will be randomly selected from all entries to the giveaway. More entries increases your chance of being randomly selected so be sure to enter as much as possible!

We'll notify the winner by email or through social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), depending on how they entered the giveaway.

Yes! Unlike other websites we don't need any of your League of Legends account details. Our competitions are run through Gleam, a third party app which has been used by companies like ESL. We have run this competition for over 2 years now, and given over 100 accounts to winners! Still unsure? Just check out some of our winners on Social Media.

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