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You invite your friends to purchase one of our LoL smurf accounts, and they'll receive a discount from us. But, the best is, you in turn will also be rewarded greatly. Read below what you will receive for simply getting your friends to grab one of our amazing accounts.

On the left you’ll find our invite form. Simply invite your friends, viewers, followers, visitors through Facebook, twitter or via email. Alternatively, you can also simply send yourself an invitation code, via email and share it on your Youtube channel, Fanpage, Twitch Stream, you name it. This code will give the referred person 20% off all purchases above $10 as well as giving you their discount value as commission, you can spend on our website or cash out! For larger streamers with hundreds of viewers, we’ll even give you a free unranked League of Legends smurf account for you to play on your stream. If you think you have plenty of viewers on your stream and want to form a partnership, contact us through our contact us!

Every time someone buys a league of legends account from our store using your coupon, you’ll instantly receive their discounted amount of the total sale price. No matter if they buy an account for $10 or $200, you’ll always receive their discounted amount. This amount will be directly applied to your account here on and you can either spent it on your next purchase with us or apply for a cash out through PayPal once you received the threshold of $25.

There are no minimum requirements. To join our Refer A Friend initiative, simply invite your friends, viewers, followers, visitors through facebook, twitter or via email. Alternatively, you can also simply send yourself an invite code, via email and share it on your Youtube channel, Fanpage, Twitch Stream, you name it.

Just make sure, you have registered an account with us here on LolFinity to keep track of your referrals and the amount you earned.

Benefits Of Referring A Friend

Exploring the world of League of Legends all by yourself? Why not travel the world with other people as LolFinity launches it’s brand-new Refer A Friend promo made available to every user on the site. Introduce the excellent benefits of Unranked Level 30 Smurf Accounts to other people. Stop queueing up alone and find a duo partner or, better yet, a flex team that will play with you on any other League of Legends region in the world.

With the LolFinity Refer a Friend Promo, you’ll get rewards depending on the number of people you invite using your referral code. Whether you want to use the rebate to buy another unranked smurf account on this site or cashing it out on your PayPal account once you reach $25 or higher, there’s nothing to lose in convincing a few people to try exploring the world through smurf accounts and League of Legends as their primary platform to connect with the rest of the world.

What? Did we mention that you can ENCASH your referrals? That’s right! For a limited time, you can earn money only by sharing your link to people who are willing to buy Unranked Smurf Accounts here at LolFinity. You can receive a considerable amount of money, the more people on your referrals who click on your link. Remember, only those accounts who bought an account will be credited to your account, and you must accumulate at least $25 for this to be valid.

Got no friends? Well, don’t be sad. You don’t have to send your referral code to individual people you know directly. You can just leave your referral code on your social media profile or streaming channel to allow people to freely click on your link without worrying about it at all. Additionally, users with a large streaming following can apply for our partnership program, where we’ll give you a free LolFinity Unranked Smurf Account you can use on stream!

But wait, what do your friends get from this promotion? People who click on your referral link will receive a 20% discount on the first LolFinity Unranked Smurf Account of his/her choosing. It doesn’t matter which account they choose as long as it’s over $10, meaning they can get a discount on an account worth even $200! The great thing about that is it gives you the 20% value of that account as a commission on your LolFinity account.

With LolFinity as your No. 1 source of high-quality Unranked Level 30 Smurf Accounts, your friends are getting the best deals they’ll ever get. With the features made available on LolFinity smurf accounts, it’s like we’re already giving you the arsenal you’ll need to conquer League of Legends in another region. You and your friends definitely won’t regret getting only the best products from the best website, which only cares about giving you… yes, that’s right. THE BEST!

Take it easy and let your friends buy your next smurf account for you! It’s effortless to do this with a little bit of effort and support from those around you, and you can earn money just from making other people start playing League of Legends using high-quality smurf accounts. Getting started with this promo has never been made easy. Following these simple steps will let you get started on inviting other people on using your referral code.

  • Register a LolFinity account and log-in
  • Go to Referrals found on your Home Dashboard
  • Click Refer a Friend Here
  • Share your link via Facebook or Twitter or input your email so you can send yourself a referral code that other people can use to avail of the promo.
  • Enjoy your commission either as a balance to your account or encash it on PayPal once it reaches $25 or above.

See, it’s as easy as playing Garen on Summoner’s Rift. Don’t forget to link your PayPal if you plan to encash your commission on the site. You don’t need to do much except let other people get curious about what this website has to offer. Of course, hard work is rewarded handsomely as you reach out to more people to get comfortable with buying League of Legends smurf accounts where they can play the game almost everywhere in the world.


Additionally, this promo doesn’t just help you earn money. It also helps us here at LolFinity to establish our No. 1 spot as the best place to buy all your smurf account needs. We love giving you guys promos where you can benefit most just by being a member of this community, but having you advertise our website is the best thing you can give us in return. So, make sure to support us by mentioning us to everyone you know alongside your referral link you provide.


League of Legends has grown so much in the years that it has existed and brought a great deal of entertainment to the world around us. Not only that, but it has also connected us and introduced us to new people around the world through its vast community and esports scene where fandoms band together to talk about what makes the game fun for them. That’s what we aim to do here as we try to connect people through mutually beneficial promos.


So? What are you waiting for! Start getting people on your side to register for this promo before it ends. The League of Legends community isn’t decreasing in size so simply share it on other pages, forums, or anywhere else on the internet to ensure that everyone knows where to get only the best smurf accounts you can find. We await your return, summoner, let the spirit of spreading the word be with you as you take on this grand quest for success!


For more questions and inquiries, feel free to refer to our Refer a Friend FAQs page or contact us through our live chat support that pops up when you log into our website.

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